Tutorial quick & easy ; How to make a travel smash book or journal on the road

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a travel smash book or travel journal .  It is important for me to keep my tickets and memorabilia ( plus I like to keep the prices of things like food and tours for future reference) from a trip because all the days sometime melt into each other and I cannot remember. Later, David will ask “When did we do that?”  and I cannot recall.  In addition, when we are traveling like this, it is hard for me to find the time to record all of our activities everyday.  This is where a travel smash book comes in handy.

It’s a journal where you just tape or glue in receipts, tickets, itineraries and menus as you go.  Here are two photos; one of two pages already prepared at home and another of the cover of my smash book that is not decorated yet.travel smashbook tutorial small 10travel smashbook tutorial small 6  This is not an art journal like I would make at home.  I only take a small amount of art items with me due to packing space. ( watercolor pencils, double stick tape, scissors, a small stapler, pencil, black sharpie pens, paint brushes, glue sticks, eraser and dry watercolor paints).   I prepare my journal before the trip by lining the pages with papers themed to where we are going and/or painting different backgrounds . Smash book  tutorial travel postcards 3 small

Then all I have to do is add the date to the page and a couple of comments. travel smashbook tutorial small 7travel smashbook tutorial small 9  Some times when I have larger brochures I glue some pages together and put the brochures inside.  travel smashbook tutorial small 11

I take lots of photos but I will not have time to get them printed until later so I leave space for them in the smash book.  Another trick that I use is to purchase postcards that have three photos on them in places we visit and cut them up and paste them into the book as I go along.  Here is a post card that I purchased and how I made a page from it.Smash book  tutorial travel postcards 2 smallSmash book  tutorial travel postcards smallThere is a pocket I made from some manuscript paper that I purchased here to put the tickets in to.

By the way, if you are short of packing space, you can acquire most art supplies here in Europe, and at reasonable prices. Here in Italy there are “99 cent only” stores, and a chain of Danish stores called Tiger. These last have lots of low-cost items ranging from spices to socks, including many office supplies and small craft materials.  Here in Florence, every museum and many other stores offer high-quality wrapping paper, two sheets for €2.50. They have Florentine motifs and are great for use in smash books. You can see a couple of sheets in the pictures above.

These are just a few suggestions.  If you have any other ones you would like to share , just leave a comment below.  Happy traveling and smash booking.


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