Florence’s knockers; doors of distinction and history

When you wander the streets and historic back alleys of Florence like I have in the last 3 weeks, you start to notice the variety of interesting door knockers that are attached to some of the doors.  In this city of the birth of the Renaissance it is appropriate that the decorative hardware should reflect the artistic nature of the residents.  So here are some examples of door knockers that I have discovered on the streets of Firenze. Most are plain and simple door ornaments like this one; Florence, Italy door knockers small   And the standard lion knocker; Florence door knocker lion small Here is an elegant black and gold knocker. Florence door knocker refined black and gold small But with further exploration there are some surprising ways to let someone know that you are at the door. knocker baby small  This one is the devil knocker ,love his face and hornsFlorence, Italy door knockers devil small The lady knocker; knocker lady small The ugly man knocker Florence door knocker ugly man small A green tree ugly devil knocker for the kinky;Florence door knocker devil man small the well worn baby face knocker; Florence door knocker baby face small the angry fist knocker , I might think twice before using it; Florence door knocker fist small  and the lovely lyrical knocker; Florence door knocker lyrical small  I call this one the bull horned knocker; Florence door knocker bull horns small And the twins knocker Florence door knocker twins small Finally the last photo is not a knocker but a door handle and it is one of my favorite; the horse head;knockers horse small  So if you get to Florence or even if you do not; look around and see the everyday art that door knockers bring to doors everywhere.


5 thoughts on “Florence’s knockers; doors of distinction and history

  1. I found this page quite interesting as I have, a mounted And the twins brass door knocker which came from the Jay Gould townhouse that was torn down in June of 1951. I am trying to find away to have it further authenticated and appraised.


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