To make my travel art journal, today I went to search for art supplies in Florence, Italy

So today was my art supply search day in Florence.  I brought my smash book with me and have been putting the receipts and brochures in it but I miss working with paint and glue!  smashbook tickets  Here are some museum ticket I put into the pages with some journal observations.

spring art journal page  This is a page dedicated to Spring…it is flourishing here in Italy, flowers everywhere.

So David and I went looking for art supply stores in Florence.  Surprise…the home of art in Italy has about 10 small art supply stores.  No Micheal’s or Joanne’s here.  I was able to get some matte medium and some acrylic paints (much more expensive than at home).

It seems like people here do not seem to make mixed media art journals.  At least the store people that I have talked too do not know about them. They would know because they would be selling the supplies to make them.   I thought that this art technique was practiced in Europe as well as in the USA and Australia.  Anyway, I am making my own supplies with white glue, baby powder, and acrylic paints. I am also saving paper bags and tissue paper to recycle into my journal.  Something that they do have in abundance is beautiful Florentine wrapping paper.  Two extra large pieces come in a package for only $3.  This is the type of paper that has a type of gold leaf embedded in journal page Florentine paper

So I was happy today to make a big mess and create some pages for my new art journal.  The old smash book is completely filled and will have to go home to have its cover made, as I do not have the supplies to do something like that here.smash book side


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