Food adventures and eating experiences in Florence Italy

We went to the central market across the street from our apartment this morning for food for dinner.   It is the old market where the farmers, merchants and fishmongers show their wares.  It is 3 stories tall.  The bottom story is the fresh food stalls, the second floor is a renovated upper class food court with excellent selections, and the third floor has two sit down restaurants. So this is what we found on offer:  rabbits, Florence Italy rabbit small roosters with their heads and feet attached so that you knew that was a rooster not an ordinary chicken; Florence Italy rooster small the normal assortment of fruits and veggies (they have to put them into a bag for you, no touching here) Florence Italy fruit veggies and wine, wine, wine (it can be less expensive than Coke) Italian two-buck Chuck  We bought a steak which Florence is know for; it’s basically a pretty big T-bone. Dave used his Italian and we ended up with an enormous one kilo of meat (€22) !   I wanted to eat some beef as we have mostly been eating ham and cheese sandwiches and pizza. (side note;  yesterday we did get an excellent hamburger at a bar called the Rumble Rock made by Matteo, Florence Italy matteo small thank  you ).  But we have enough steak for 3 dinners.  Here is David going in our doorway with our market catch. Florence Italy dave our doorWe had some potatoes left , and I bought 2 big mushrooms (€0.40) and an onion (€0.60) which I sauteed.  David grilled the filet of the steak on our IKEA grilling pan and we had a feast for about $14 for both of us.Florence Italy steak dinner  This  Florentine steak is a popular local dish. It’s sold by weight … usually €42 per kilo and including only roasted potato … would have cost about €40 in a restaurant after including a side dish and a glass of wine each. Having an apartment is a great savings.  We do breakfast and make sandwiches for lunch and sometimes cook dinner in our little IKEA kitchen.

Oh, I said I would put in something about the Inferno Movie;  here are a couple of photos of them filming yesterday with the Italian extras being tourists and the police rushing in with their cars at the Palazzo Vecchio , when you see this scene in the film in 2016 you will know that you saw it first on our blog.Florence, Italy The Inferno police scene smallFlorence, Italy  The Inferno extras small


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