We are in Florence, Italy for an entire month!

We arrived in Florence by train last evening .  I LOVE FLORENCE! It is my favorite  city on earth.  The entire atmosphere is electric and juicy.  There are university students, families, tourists and older people all milling around the central part of the city.  Here is a photograph of the Duomo (the main cathedral in the city) and the bell tower (Campanile).Florence, Italy bell tower small Florence, Italy duomo 5x7 small As you can see there are a lot of tourists around.  We are hoping that as the weekend ends some of them will go away.

So here are some photographs of our beautiful one bedroom, one bath apartment and our terrific landlord, Stefano. We are staying in Stefano’s Iris apartment. The view on the website is the view from our window.Florence, Italy stefano landlord smallFlorence, Italy apt kitchen small Florence, Italy bed small Florence, Italy table smallI just finished using the kitchen. I made beef stew which we ate with the crusty fresh bread we purchased from the central market across the street from our apartment.  It was the first meal I have cooked since we left home.  The smell of garlic, wine, and onions was really great.  Having an apartment lets you do these normal things while you travel.  Eating out all the time gets to be a drag after a while.

Last night we walked to the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) and there was a 2 person band giving a free concert in the middle of the bridge at sunset.  It was so romantic.  And to make it more romantic,  a man proposed to his girlfriend with a ring in front of us in the middle of a song.  We walked back to our apartment in love with each other and the city.Florence, Italy band on ponte Vechio small Today we walked to the tourist information shop by the train station.  We needed a map of Florence and some advice about the bus system.  We had help from a lovely lady called Angela.  She helped us with so much information and suggested getting a Amici degli Uffici year membership which lets you into the major museums as often as you want for 60 euros.   I will be using that card a lot this month.Florence, Italy Angela ti small

Today was a day of relaxation and organization.  We have been on the move for about a month and it really helps to have a day to cook, eat and do laundry.  We are ready to appreciate the joys and wonders of my favorite city on earth.


4 thoughts on “We are in Florence, Italy for an entire month!

  1. Your post only increases my enthusiasm for our planned 3 months in Italy later in the year.
    We loved Florence when we were there with our children years ago and we are looking forward to going back.


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