Assisi, Italy: a medieval city of churches and our room with a view

We  arrived this afternoon around 4;30 by train from Rome and will be here in Assisi for 3 days.  The Rome train station was packed but if you look carefully you will see a sign of home even in Rome.rome 4 29 15 inside train station smallThe train ride was 2 hours and cost us about €10 or $10.80 each (2nd class),  When we got to Assisi we took a taxi up to our 2 bedroom, one bath apartment in the center of town. (That 5-minute trip cost €15, as did the 30-minute cab ride to the station in Rome — go figure.) We are traveling with 3 suitcases (one is very heavy) and 2 backpacks .  Our kind landlord here in Assisi is Gabriele.  He rushed down the steep hill to assist us in getting our bags to the front door of the apartment.  The flat is in a building that is about 400 years old (I think) and is up 50 winding stairs (5th floor).  Luckily, Gabriele helped us  carry up our suitcases or we might have been changing our clothes in the downstairs

Assisi 4 29 15 landlord Gabriele smallAssisi 4 29 15 d suitcases 5x7 smallWe chose the apartment because of the rave reviews of the views and they were right.  There are 2 balconies; one lower and one upper,  Here are some photos and the views from them. Assisi 4 29 15 lower balcony smallAssisi 4 29 15 upper balcony smallassisi 4 29 15 view apt 5x7  small Assisi 4 29 15 view from upper balcony smallThe apartment is compact , clean and roomy enough for us to bump around in.  Here are some photos;Assisi 4 29 15 apt bed small Assisi 4 29 15 bath smallAssisi 4 29 15 kitchen closed small Assisi 4 29 15 kitchen open smallThe kitchen is in this closet that opens up.  And to leave you with a sweet photo; here is a doggie that lives down the street who looks just like my sweet Mac.  I miss my dogs and my son and my family.  Oh but what an adventure….tomorrow more exploring to do finding St. Francis.Assisi 4 29 15 dog like mac small


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