Roman cemeteries; Protestant Cemetery and Catholic Cimitero Monumentale del Verano

I find cemeteries fascinating places to take photographs. We have gone to the Protestant Cemetery and the Catholic Cimitero Monumentale del Verano Cemetery and they are an interesting contrast.  The Protestant Cemetery is very famous in Rome because the English Romantic poets, Keats and Shelley, are buried there (I did not take photos of their grave stones as you can easily find them on Google).  It is a small and intimate cemetery for non Catholics and mostly foreigners of all denominations ; Protestants, Jewish people, and Eastern Orthodox people.  The graves are for individual people with an emphasis on important artists, architects, poets and writers who came to Rome in the 19th century and either decided not to leave or accidentally died there.   Here is one of the most beautiful graves in this cemetery;  this is the grave of the wife of American sculptor William Story and it has his Angel of Grief draped over it.  rome protestant cemetary story angel smallThese are a couple of other statues and monuments that I thought were particularly beautiful and one modern gravestone of an architect.rome protestant cemetary angel woman small rome protestant cemetary boy smallrome protestant cemetary cube tomb small

In contrast , the Catholic cemetery ( Cimitero Monumentale del Verano) was huge.   There were many  beautiful crypts, mosaic inlaid tombs, and beautiful statues and architecture scattered over acres of tombs.  The emphasis in this cemetery was on the family.  Many graves had photos and list of family members that were buried together. rome catholic cemetary family stone small There were very modern mausoleums that looked like tiny condos for the dead members of a wealthy family.  This one was 2 stories high and the outside was all of marble.rome catholic cemetary house tomb small  This was an older mausoleum that had this sculpture on the front of it. rome catholic cemetary angels small  But what both of the cemeteries had was cats.  They are cared for by the caretakers of the graveyard and even neutered, and adopted out in some cases.  Here is one from the Catholic cemetery that was so friendly that she jumped up into my lap and started purring  when I sat down.  They seemed to add a peaceful presence to these cities of the dead.rome catholic cemetary cat small


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