The Vatican Museum a incredible treasure trove of art and artifacts

Let me preface this post with the information that we went to Rome and the Vatican in the first week of Jan. in 2007.  There were no lines for St. Peters, the dome climb or the Vatican Museum.
When we went to the Vatican Museum 2 days ago on the 23rd.   Luckily, we had purchased our tickets online a week before because I am know that we would have not waited in that very long line and just went right in at our 11 am time ( per advice of  Rick Steve’s Italy book).  We could not believe how crowded it was.vm crowds 5x7 small There were places in the museum where we were body to body. David said that if someone fainted they would not fall down. But the art was glorious especially the Sistine Chapel ( no photos allowed) , Raphael’s School of Athens and Transfiguration, Roman sarcophagus’, old maps, and Etruscan  artifacts .  vm tomb 5x7 smallvm The School of Athens 5x7 smallvm ancient map ship 5x7 smallvm etruscans vase 5x7 small We spent 6 hours in the museum and still only saw about a fourth of it.  If we come back to Rome it will be in the first week in Jan.  We are hoping to get into St. Peter’s for Sunday mass tomorrow.

On our way home we were so hungry we stopped at a sidewalk restaurant for dinner.  The food was not very good and it was very expensive. But we did not care, all we wanted to do was sit, and eat something that was not moving.linda david dinner after vatican museum small  I am one of those few people who do not like Italian food very much.  So we are not taking our lunches and eating cheese and bread for dinner.  I will be cooking in Florence but the kitchen here is too small.    The next post will be about Ostia Antica  ( the remains of a Roman town from 3 BC) which is about an hour from Rome by train.


3 thoughts on “The Vatican Museum a incredible treasure trove of art and artifacts

  1. First time blogging – EVER, but its worth seeing your AMAZING trip. Wow, look at you both, so relaxed and calm. I don’t care for Italian food either, but I heard US Italian is different than in Italy. Is that true? I’ve also heard its similar to the food in Spain which I did not enjoy, if so then I’m still in agreement.

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    • Thanks for looking at the blog, I hope to make it interesting as we roll along on our adventure. American Italian food is better IMHO but that is probably because we are used to it. Some of us are just not adventurous eaters. lol Hope you continue to follow along and comment.

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