Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean

The clouds seem to be different here over the Atlantic Ocean.  We are in the middle of a giant area of water and the clouds are very white and very fluffy.  If you stand on our balcony you can see them being blown across the horizon by the wind.  Here are a couple of photos for you.

Life onboard ship: we do not normally eat in the dining room when we sail. It usually takes 2 hours to get served and to eat. The main dining room is crowded and noisy.  We prefer to eat in less time and whenever we are hungry.  This varies each day depending on when we have awakened and when we went to sleep.  So we normally eat up in the Oceanview buffet. This is the best kept secret on the Celebrity Constellation.  At the back of the buffet are these two handsome guys who will grill fresh fish, salmon, steak, chicken or a pork chop for you.  Your dinner is hot and the vegetables are crispy.  My favorite meal is a fresh Caesar salad, broccoli and carrots, and grilled salmon.  Yum, and healthy ondavid dinner small copy moon cloud small sunset buildings clouds small 2 handsome grill chefs small

top of it.  I find the desserts in the buffet not great so I normally skip that problem.  OMG, I might lose some weight on this trip! What a surprise.


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