I am doing light packing for the senior gap year in Europe

Since we hope to spend a year being vagabonds and going from one month to the next in Europe this year.  It is important to take only a minimum amount of luggage that we will have to drag around on trains,buses and airplanes.  So we are trying to get everything into 2 small and one medium  suitcases .  As you could guess, this is not  an easy thing to do .

We have looked for inspiration on Rick Steve’s travel site plus viewed some “how to pack ” you tube videos.  It is still not easy especially since we are starting the trip on a 13 day cruise across the Atlantic.  So from the point of view of a woman; here is what I am taking;  all basic pants, tops, socks and one pair of walking shoes are black.  The tops and pants are made from lightweight polyester/ rayon blends that can be washed and dried overnight.  To inject some color I am bringing 5 silk scarves that I can use to make each black outfit look a little different.

The underwear is also of a light weight material that can be washed and dried overnight in a room.  I am bringing one thin black sweater, and one waterproof windbreaker with a hood. All of this fits into 7 packing cubes that I have labeled  with  color coded tags so that I can easily find what I need in my suitcase .  This is new behavior as I  normally pack the night before and just throw everything I think I will need into 2 large suitcases!

Tomorrow I will work on how to pack the cameras, computer, wires, and all the other extra stuff.  I will take photos tomorrow when I  have most of it packed and organized to share with you.    Ha Ha, I hope.  Wish me luck


2 thoughts on “I am doing light packing for the senior gap year in Europe

  1. Sounds like a plan! I spent 3 weeks in Australia with just a small roll on bag using your same technique. Got tired of wearing the same basic clothes, but , hey, I didn’t have to haul much around and didn’t have to check bags. Good luck with your packing!


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