Making art from the gifts of the sea

I did not bring many art supplies down to RB with me so I have been challenged to make art with found objects on the beach.  I make these 2 art pieces from stones, shells and tumble weed that I found on our daily beach walks.  I did bring down some glue which helped.  Thought this might inspire you to look around you for art under your feet. lol

volcano shell #1 shell 1 corr


2 thoughts on “Making art from the gifts of the sea

  1. I mentioned this on another blog I follow, but one of my most cherished possessions is a jar full of beach glass that my son and I collected over the years when he was young. Everyone else would sit on the beach, taking in the sun. And once everyone was settled in for the day, he and I would stroll down the surfline, looking for that bit of glint in the sand.

    Every now and then, among the green and brown pieces of broken beer bottles that had been worn smooth by the churning of the ocean, we’d find a piece of cobalt blue glass from an old apothecary jar, or (even rarer) a piece of red glass from who-knows-what perfume bottle that had somehow found its way into the sea years earlier. And all of it would get deposited in this big jar when we got home. Most of the glass has been divvied up among family – I don’t know what they’ve done with theirs, but I still have mine, sitting on the window sill above my desk. I love how the sun catches it in the morning!

    There’s a place near Fort Bragg, California … about 3 hours drive north of San Francisco … called “Glass Beach” that is about 50 yards of beach glass, almost as dense as the sand that’s underneath it (at least it was when I last visited it almost 20 years ago). During the early 1900’s, the town used the ocean as it’s garbage dump – they’d toss all their trash over the edge of a cliff about 200 yards north of the beach. Whatever didn’t disintegrate was eventually worked over by the currents and deposited at Glass Beach.

    My mind has been on other things lately, and I don’t notice that jar of glass as much as I have in the past. Thanks for your post. It brought back a good memory for me and I’ll be sure to spend a bit of time tomorrow morning when the sun rises to light up that jar a bit (along with my mood)!. Much appreciated!


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