Exploring on the road from Rosarito to Ensenada

So off we went today on an “explore,” as Eeyore would call it, going south on the free and the toll roads toward Ensenada.  The day was kind of hazy but was clearing up as we set off.  The first place we stopped was a fishing port called Popotla Fishing Village.  It’s just south of the former Fox studios, and here the fishermen bring their catch and sell it.  You can purchase fresh fish, crab, and shrimp from the people who caught it the same morning.  And if you like, a neighboring stall will cook it and serve it to you. Here are a couple of photos;  the first one is of some big fish,  the second one is of some ladies cleaning shrimp and the third one is of spider crabs.  We will go back to get some fish this week.  big fish cleaning shrimp spider crabs

Then we went further south and came to a long, wide beach called La Mision.  We walked there for 2 miles and here are a couple of photos from it.  These beach hut tables line the beach, which we think is a big draw for Ensenadanos on hot summer weekends.

bike and birds close upla mision beach huts


FOOTNOTE;  You will notice by now that most of my posts are short on words and long on photos.  This is because I do not like to read long blog posts.  I find that short and concise is the best way to keep my attention ( maybe ADHD lol) . If you want more details ,please post a comment and I will answer it.


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