Good bye to 2014 , hello to 2015 we are ready to fly

Today was my last day seeing patients at my office.  It was sad to say goodbye to some important people that have allowed me to work with them on their road to resolve problems and learn better tools to live more successfully.  I may be back in my office part time when we return from Europe but  there is no certainty about that.    I am starting a new chapter in my life and I am excited and a little afraid but that is probably normal.

Dave is still working for a couple more weeks.   I am going through the house and will continue to give things away in order to simplify our home life .  We will be going to Mexico to live for a couple of months on the beach in order to plan out the European journey ..  We plan to walk on the beach twice a day, lift weights and get in good shape to walk all over Italy when we go in April.

I will be writing and posting photos in this blog for family and friends to follow this adventure with us.  Happy New Year to one and all


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